As ERP experts we transform your business into integrated streamlined processes

Trusted and proven Oracle JDEdwards and Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations ERP skills, services and unique products, coupled with a wide array of technology, database and business expertise offering a proven, deep dive track record of ERP implementations from local to global and everything in between.

With a host of sucessful projects spanning four continents in business process analysis, reengineering and improvement, implementations, customisations, development, upgrades, maintenance and private cloud migrations, we can help you do more.

ERP Services
Business Process Integration

General Business Process Services

Our functional team members are real business process experts. This knowledge is independent of a specific ERP solution when it comes down to process insights. Many Pixontri members have had exposure to other ERP platforms than Oracle JDE like Odoo, MS Dynamics AX (F&O), SAP and others. We can see the bigger picture.

Oracle JDEdwards

Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne

Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle JDEdwards World Software, Infrastructure, Database, ERP, Interfacing, Bespoke Development, Project Management, Managed Services... We do the lot !
This platform has near to no secrets for us...

JDE Add-Ons

Oracle JDEdwards Add-Ons

Based on our extensive experience implementing JDE ERP for our customers, we have built up a portfolio of readily implementable add-ons and building blocks ranging from productivy tools to a complete readily usable Data Warehouse... Leverage our experience and skills and get more from your ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft F&O Dynamics 365

With a fast growing pool of senior ERP business process experts, Pixontri is enlarging its offering to Microsofts next ERP: Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. With its business experts in preliminary BPR and BPI projects, Pixontri is often requested helping implementing it. Our MS Dynamics F&O (AX) competence center is growing steadily but surely.

Infrastructure & Cloud

Infrastructure & Cloud

With JDEdwards at the core of our competency you could call us your ERP oil... But additionally we have a much wider core knowledge which includes infrastructure, virtualisation, private cloud migrations, Microsoft Server and Azure platforms, Active Directory, MS SQL Server and more... We know a lot more than your standard JDE partner typically does.

Our Main Offerings
Boost your ERP Platform

some of our Add-Ons
Extend your ERP Platform

JDE Add-Ons

Automatic Interactive ICO AR & AP Billing

Many JDEdwards customers have a recurring intercompany billing process for non-trade activities. As transactions are not always recorded at the same instant on either side of the intercompany process it can become cumbersome to consolidate these intercompany transactions. Based on a generic setup, a central user can now interactively generate these intercompany AR & AP transactions on the fly.

JDE Add-Ons

AP Scanning & Approval Workbench

Pixontri offers a readily built solution that can bridge the gap between any AP scanning solution and the JDEdwards VMA (Voucher Match Automation) solution including an additional approval management engine and visualisation module.
By preference we partner with IRIS (a Canon company) on the scanning side but our solution is open to other scanning solutions like ABBY FlexiCapture as well.

JDE Add-Ons

Kyriba Treasury Solution Bridge

For JDEdwards implementations running their application server on MS platforms we have a solution that integrates with the JD Edwards interactive automatic payments module to send any type of payment to the Kyriba Treasury platform. On the inbound side it can load market exchange rates and GL transactions related to treasury transactions both interactive as via the scheduler.

Infrastructure & Cloud

Numerous Other Add-Ons & Enhancements

Of course we have many more readily available components and enhancements like generic C# and WLanguage based XMLCallObject or JDESQL classes for direct interoperability between heterogeneous systems and JDE. Aside of this we have many enhanced JDE objects and even full blown modules to cover missing functionality in JDE. Examples are a multi purchase blanket order release solution or an inbound interface for Amex Credit Card transactions into the expense module and so many more...