Pixontri becomes an official partner and distributor of the newest JDE No-Code “Swift”-platform by Ephlux

Pixontri and Ephlux are partnering up to distribute and integrate Ephlux’s new “LowCode/NoCode” mobile app automation platform within JDEdwards named Swift. 

Operational challenges are becoming more and more frequent, and companies are facing constant changes in their business processes. The importance of using highly flexible tools that can continuously adapt to new situations and market demands is rising. In many enterprises, the current health crisis has disrupted the processes in place, and management is starting to understand the need to be resilient and agile in the face of change more than ever before.   

Instead of long development cycles, the new reality requires much shorter production periods. As companies navigate the challenges of the pandemic and beyond, the need for a framework to swiftly design, create, deploy, run, and even dispose of applications is becoming more apparent. An app that takes more than a month to deploy from the point of conception is likely to become obsolete before anybody even uses it in production.  

As a revolutionary “Low-Code/No-Code” tool, Ephlux’s Swift meets the requirements of the new reality businesses face daily. A highly flexible tool, Swift allows any JDEdwards user to create richly functional and user-friendly mobile, tablet and web apps that are automatically integrated with the JDEdwards ERP platform itself. Swift is fully integrated with the JDE AIS and Orchestrator platforms and delivers the perfect front-end application automation to work in harmony with Orchestrator’s back-end business process automation.

As a European based reseller and integrator of Ephlux Swift’s solution, Pixontri will make life easier for its customers by offering the integration of Swift within JDEdwards. As a cooperative organisation consisting of many JDE experts and customers across Europe, Pixontri is ideally placed to identify practical use cases among its current and future customers and help to implement them accordingly.
With a portfolio of targeted specialized JDE add-ons and solutions including modern AIS, Orchestration, mobile and web integrated solutions, we as Pixontri are convinced that an open and easy “Low-Code/No-Code” platform like Ephlux’s Swift can be an ideal match with the current demand we see at our existing and potential European customer base. Sometimes even with a global scope. Especially with our recent involvement in completing and executing JDE 9.2 upgrade projects, we see a huge increase in demand in targeting the JDEdwards ERP more and more as a service from a diversity of platforms including mobile and public facing web applications. Ephlux’s Swift fits the bill perfectly here.

About Ephlux 

Ephlux helps companies provide a connected customer experience by leveraging internet of things and machine learning with CRMs and co-existing with both cloud-based and on-prem ERP applications. 

As a member of Oracle’s IoT Customer Advisory Board and an IBM and Microsoft partner, we actively help customers with their multi-cloud, digital transformation initiatives. Ephlux solutions enable predictive customer experience, assistive selling, predictive maintenance, digital field services and industry 4.0. 


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