PAR File Viewer/Editor for Classical & User Defined Objects

Did you ever need to:

  • Change a business view to an existing batch or interactive application, causing many links to break in controls and event rules
  • Rename text values throughout a set of JDE Objects (e.g. a company name change)
  • Adjust .c and .h files to auto match name changes made to a data structure
  • Do deep-dive hacks by modifiying .par files and uploading them back into the system in order to tweak the system to what you need
  • Bulk adjust UDO’s (E.g. a CafeOne URL link used in many places) to map to the new values

Our .par file editor may come in handy in this case, even to simply inspect JDE specs for classical objects as well as user defined objects.

We invite you to download our read-only version as it may come in handy for your typical day-to-day JDE technical work…

You can download our JDE Par File Explorer version here as a simple executable packaged into a zip file (No installation required / Simply extract and run):

The first ribbon allows you to work with the .par or .zip archive:

The second ribbon provides you find and replace options within the archive:

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our tools and solutions. Functional & technical !

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