Pixontri JDE AIS Media Object Viewer/Editor

At Pixontri we have been developing an AIS based JDE integration middleware for a while now. It all started for us based on customer stories and our abilities as an Oracle JD Edwards and Zebra ISV partner to do this type of native integrations… Aside of integrating Zebra Android clients and Zebra printers natively with JDE through Android and web apps, our JDE CafeOne Media Object viewer and editor is just another solution that pushes on this same middleware as a web app and can be integrated by simple configuration in no time.

Please view and like the demo of our Media Object viewer/editor we posted on our Youtube channel earlier.

For anyone interested in the technical architecture of our solution, we simply refer to the overall schema of our JDE AIS integration middleware platform hereunder. 

The Media Object Viewer/Editor is simply nothing more than a web application running on top of this base Pixontri JDE/AIS  middleware we haven been and still are developing for typical seamless native Zebra device integrations directly with JDE.


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Contact peter.holemans@pixontri.eu (architect & product specialist)

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