JDE Orchestrator Teaser

In times of confinement, one finally has the time to do things that have been on ones mind for a long time…

Due to client requests and other professional priorities they often never get finished… So this weekend I’ve been building a mobile iOS/Android framework that will integrate with JDE RESTfully. After a bit more than a day I’ve got my base framework proof of concept working.

So now it’s only a question of getting a full blown scenario and a complete end-to-end process (e.g. warehousing/logistics on Android based guns) worked out on which we’ll keep posting here.

So here’s my first teaser… The result of a bit more than a day work, creating some orchestrations, an Android/iOS base framework to connect to JDE’s RESTful services and a discovery of the available services on the AIS server.

More details to be released soon as this framework grows into readily re-usable components…

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