A collaborative platform of highly senior ERP experts

Pixontri groups highly valued and highly senior European ERP professionals allowing it to deliver on complete A-Z project lifecycles. 

Via its fully integrated collaborative platform including a lastest and greatest JDE demonstration, development, proof-of-concept and testing platform, Pixontri provides easy access to its vast network of highly senior functional and technical experts. 

With cooperative values at its heart Pixontri aims to be truly different towards its workers as well as towards its customers…

Cooperative Organisation

Cooperative Structure

As of the first initial discussions about setting up Pixontri it was crystal clear we wanted to set out something different.

We knew from the outset that we couldn't do this using a traditional legal structure. That's why we adopted the juridical cooperative form allowing cooperants and employees to be a real part of the Pixontri family in the widest sense including direction, voting rights, dividends, etc...

Of course, aside of the internal organisation, our customers come first!

Cooperative Values

By opting for a cooperative structure, we also opted for a clear set of values.

At Pixontri we'd like to have everybody to be a co-owner of the cooperation. Together we'll be driving the direction, sharing the good and the bad but above all share our knowledge and collaborate internally and with our customers and partners. Our main goals are getting things done, real delivery leading to excellent client satisfaction and great solutions.

Nobody's ever alone !

Cooperative Network

At Pixontri, we don't accept just anybody to the structure simply because there is a commercial opportunity.

The founders, with their senior profiles in different domains, have built up a vast international network over many years. Their vision is to bring in only the very best people with a proven track record. We're very
selective because we're the best at what we do.

Pixontri is actively extending the platform with fresh potential to be guided, trained and mentored by the aforementioned best...